Djokovic - Novak Djokovic says a recent illness likely behind recovery "taking longer for me than I expected"

2022.12.22 16:08:22

Novak Djokovic

Stan Wawrinka Djokovic and have met 25 times with Djokovic leading 19—6.

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After another first

In an event plagued by suspended play due to rain, Djokovic defeated the defending champion Grigor Dimitrov, , and Marin Čilić to reach his sixth final at the tournament and fourth final against.

  • Djokovic was selected as the 2012 , for his contributions through the foundation, his role as a and other charitable projects.

Novak Djokovic accused of being 'especially inappropriate' over Wimbledon ban stance

Djokovic played a key role in the win over by winning all his matches and helping promote the to the.

  • This started a long unbeaten run that went on into 2011.

Chris Eubanks predicts Novak Djokovic 'could be scary' in upcoming period

Djokovic's next tournament was the in Montreal, and he defeated No.

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