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2023.01.05 01:04:02

What Is Naver, a.k.a. "Korean Google"?

13 195,000 up1,000 869,459 196,000 200,500 195,000 319,895 164,049 2023.

  • Buoyed by a loyal user base, NAVER Webtoon is also expanding its intellectual property business into publishing, movies and games.

Yahooist Teil der Yahoo Markenfamilie

Honors• Log in and enjoy the whole Naver experience! Data Protection• Fun and easy to use, SNOW currently has more than 130 downloads worldwide and continues to grow.

  • Submit Your Proposal• Product Reviews• Social Impact• Crisis Response• Code of Conduct• The game is easy to learn, but hard to master.

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Policy• Technology Explained• With a Naver Account, you get a generous 30 GB of storage to use freely compared to the 15GB in Google Drive , with the possibility to extend up to 80GB in exchange for a premium.

  • Browsing and search activity while using Yahoo websites and apps• Milestones• Contact• 09 196,500 up11,500 1,115,201 189,500 196,500 189,000 322,356 164,049 2023.