Ngo thanh van - Ngô Thanh Vân: 'Chồng không lép vế trước tôi'

Trấn Thành: 'Buồn cho Ngô Thanh Vân vì doanh thu Thanh Sói kém'

Phim Ngô Thanh Vân: 9 phim ấn tượng nhất của "đả nữ"

Phim Ngô Thanh Vân: 9 phim ấn tượng nhất của "đả nữ"

2022.12.27 13:26:55

Ngo Thanh Van

This 10th-year milestone marks the return of this meaningful Scar of Life effort after a 2-year delay due to the pandemic.

  • For her, the color of white is the basis of life, symbolizing sincerity and gracefulness.

Ngô Thanh Vân

To figure out the answer to the question posed in the title, you will need to look at Ngo Thanh Van date of birth as well as her age.

  • Silver Lotus Silver Award for Hai Phuong and 4 personal excellence awards for supporting actress in 2019.

Ngo Thanh Van celebrates the 10th Scar of Life

Our team shedded tears as the bride walked in so beautifully, gorgeously to the music performed by 365daband under a miraculously sunny sky.

  • Pin Pin Nonetheless, an actual miracle occurred — the moment when Ngo Thanh Van walked into the aisle, the rain stopped and the sun shined so brightly.