Trump meme - Trump's Tax Returns Spark Avalanche of Memes, Jokes

2022.11.15 08:44:10

Trump Memes, Jokes Flood Internet Amid Speculation He Wore Pants Backwards During NC Speech

DIY• Art• In typically boisterous fashion, the former president said he will be making an announcement on Thursday, December 15, without giving any further hints as to what it could be.

  • These are the ones you'll remember, even if you don't want to.

Elon Musk taunts Twitter

History• Entertainment• Donald Trump has been mocked for vowing to make a "major announcement" while comparing himself to a superhero.

  • Good News• Occasions• This cemented the fact that a narcissist now ran the country and inspired a meme that would come back time and time again.

Donald Trump Mocked With Jokes, Memes After Superhero Announcement

Illustration• John Law, arts and culture writer for the Niagara Falls Review, The Boys.

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